For an appointment, call (218) 454-7546 or (888) 841-2897
For an appointment, call (218) 454-7546 or (888) 841-2897
(images are taken from a desktop and may look different from a cell phone or tablet)
  • Log into your patient portal using the following link:
  • If you do not know your username, please call our office at 218-454-7546 and any of our receptionist should be able to help you. You can use the “Forgot Password” link to reset your password.
  • If you have logged in correctly, it should look like this. Click the “X” in the Welcome to Dermatology Professionals box. 
  • The My Health tab is where you can go to update your demographics, medications and health information. Again, you would just click on the sections on the left side to get to that section. 
  • It will default to the Appointments tab. The options on the left will give you the option to view your upcoming appointments, past appointments and results. 
  • If you want to review your results or pathology report you can click on the Test and Results tab located at the top or Results from the left-hand side. If you click the Compose link it will automatically bring up a box for you to send an email to your provider. If you click on the date link it will bring up a copy of the test results or pathology report.  
  • To send a message and/or pictures to your provider click on the Messages icon located at the top of the page then Compose Message. 
  • When you click the cursor in the To box it will bring up a drop-down of who you can message. These are the only people that a message can be sent to so you will need to select the appropriate nurse group to send the message to.
  • You will then type in the Subject and Message as these are required fields denoted by the *.
  • If you need to attach pictures, you will click on the Add Attachments located at the bottom of the message box. Find the image on your device that you want to attach and attach them. 
  • If you attached the file correctly it will look like this. Once you have all of your attachments attached you can then click Send. The message and pictures will be sent to your providers nurse group for review. 
  • The Billing tab will show you if there is an Account Balance remaining, a Default Credit Card on file and allow you to view a statement (if any).
  • Under the Billing tab you can add a card to store on file for your account. Click on Manage and from there you can select Add New Card. 
  • To store a Credit Card on file you will need to enter the Card Number, Expiration Date and the Security Code. Once that is all complete, click on Remember for next time* and hit Save.  
  • It will now show the saved card under Manage Payment Options.
  • The Billing tab will allow you to view Statements, if there is any. Click on View Statement and it will pull up a PDF in another tab in your Browser. Once the statement is open and viewable, you can print it off or save it from there. 
  • If you want to change your password, manage payment options or log out, you will need to click the name link located at the top right-hand corner next to Billing.