For an appointment, call (218) 454-7546 or (888) 841-2897
For an appointment, call (218) 454-7546 or (888) 841-2897
Is a suntan healthy?

No. There is no such thing as a healthy suntan. Any change in your natural skin color is a sign of potential skin damage

Are self-tanning lotions safe?

Yes. Self-tanning lotions are safe, however most do not contain sunscreen and therefore do not protect against sunburn.

Does applying sunscreen mean I can stay outside longer?

No. Although a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 offers protection from sunburn, it does not block all of the sun’s damaging rays. To full protect yourself, remember to seek shade and avoid peak hours of sun exposure in addition to applying sunscreen.

Do I have to reapply water resistant sunscreen once I put it on?

Yes. Water resistant sunscreens still have to be reapplied regularly, as heavy perspiration, water, and towel drying remove the sunscreen’s protective layer.